Plan of action for upcoming posts.

Getting back into the swing of things. Yes. Been away… at least from blogging , but I’ve been wanting to get back into it. So here goes. At first I asked myself what to blog about ? I came up with these seven topics… one for each day of the week!

1- news/views/opinions. Sometimes I like to comment on the news of the day. But let’s face it- who really wants to hear my opinion all the time. So once a week should be more than enough. So once a week I’ll post a news item in a brief capsule form or link and perhaps my comments on it. (N)

2- Hockey. I love hockey. I want to begin playing a computer hockey game made by ActionPC sports. I’ll post results of this and maybe some real life results and comments from the NHL. As some may know I’m a hard core Detroit Red Wings fan. (H)

3- Writing. Once in a while i’ll publish a short story or excerpt fom what I am writing. (W)

4- Photography. I would like to have a photo of the week. I like photography and I have taken plenty of photos- some of them actually good- and I’ll share them. (P)

5- Miscellaneous. Now that was a word I had to have spell checked. Sort of like rhythm… I can never get it right. I’ll put out five things I found interesting during the week. (M)

6- Family. I’ll cryptically give some family news… for any family out there reading this. If you know our family you’ll know who I am writing about. (F)

7- Daily Grind. i’ll comment on stuff going on around the house and neighborhood. (D)


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