Mission Accomplished… they love it.

Well, well, well. You google something online and you always learn something. I googled “hummingbird nectar recipe” and came up with some interesting information. Initially, about 5 months ago, I bought some powdered nectar and filled my feeder up to the top. The little green guys loved it… and then they stopped. I just figured, huh, they must not be hungry. I watched over the last few weeks as the feeder slowly began to empty.

So during my google search I found out why. They said that the nectar, which is nothing but sugar water, can begin to ferment and should be discarded and changed every week or so… because it ferments! When I emptied out the remainder of the food I took a whiff and… yes… it certainly does ferment. I think the little guys where getting a little buzz from our feeder. Sort of like a hummingbird singles bar.

So after thoroughly cleaning it out, I filled it about 1/4 full and the birds love it. One almost buzzed my ear while I was grilling tonight. Success.


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