It’s time I weigh in on this. Three issues here: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, government intrusion into business.

1- Freedom of Speech. It must be true that the freedom of speech only exists for liberals. Christians cannot exercise their freedom of speech without getting shouted down by the free press, the Gay and Lesbians and of course the city governments of Chicago and Boston. Even the fricking KKK can express themselves along with Louis Farrakan, the Black Panthers and Rush Limbaugh but a law abiding, tax paying, church going, christian business owner is berated and badgered by our elected officials? WTF?

2. Freedom of religion. A businessman gives his opinion on gay marriage and it is like he personally shit on someone’s birthday cake. It’s his opinion and…like the old saying goes opinions re like assholes: everyone has one and usually they stink. The Gay community has a distinct aversion to religion. Whenever muslims, jews, christians speak out against homosexual marriage they get up in arms. I don’t know where Jesus would stand on this issue but the bible spells things out pretty clear: marriage is between a man and a woman. There were no second or third options there. It really isn’t an issue except that a legal union allows certain privileges and rights that apply to finances and medical coverage and benefits. Why not allow these benefits under a contract or civil union?  Sadly that isn’t enough.. rainbows, gay and now marriage will forever have stretched meanings because of this issue.Seems like we could come up with a new term to satisfy all concerned parties.

3. Big Government intrusion into our lives. That’s the big issue to me. Our government keeps pushing its nose into issues through regulations that no one really needs or wants. Why do the mayor of Chicago and Boston need to get involved in this issue. There there are threatening business owners and  depriving their Citizens of a darn good chicken sandwich… why? Stay the hell out of our lives will you? If people want to protest and boycott Chick-fil-a… let them… more chicken for me. But for our government to take sides over one man’s opinion … huh?

This issue really burns me because once again both sides are trying to force the other to see and do things their way… they both shout my way or the highway. If you want to boycott then boycott. If you think being gay will send a person to Hell then let them live with that decision. In instances like these no amount of convincing will get either side to budge. Sadly this same fact describes our political climate in the USA. God gave all of us free will and we all have to live with our decisions in life and in the hereafter. Choose wisely.

I regret to see that me and my fellow Christians are being relegated to second class status in today’s world… but the Bible did predict this. Maybe it means  Christ will be coming soon?


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