Been thinking

I was thinking about possible book ideas. I want to write something non-fiction that I can put up on Amazon as a kindle book. This would be something new for me and i’d like to use several things to get it done. I recently purchase Scrivener for Windows and I would love to use it to write, format and publish this book. Here are some ideas that I am kicking around:

1- Seven Wonders of the Modern world. What are they, where are they and why are they so wonderful?

2. A book of top ten lists.An e-book that you could use for trivia game playing, perhaps at a bar or while out for dinner or at game night. Stuff like: top ten career MLB home run leaders,  biggest cities in the USA., most popular museums in the world, etc.

3. A sports fans game day cookbook. Easy recipes for tailgating, super bowl, or any other sporting event for either at the stadium or at home.

4. Are UFOs real? The top ten most credible UFO sightings.

5. Exploration of our moon throughout the ages- a history and what’s to come. From Cave men to Jules Verne to Neil Armstrong, to colonies on the moon.


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