A big career change for me

What was that college movie with Rodney Dangerfield… “Back To School”? Well that’s going to be me. I am going to take advantage of the post 9/11 GI bill and go back to college to take the classes that I missed out on the first time. I’ll be saying no to stuff like Biology, Calculus and Biochemistry and hello to History of Rock and Roll, Journalism, and Oceanography. Maybe some history too to help understand the many wonders of the world my wife and I have had the pleasure of traveling to all those years in the Navy. Maybe take a nutrition class or even some phys ed!

I myself wonder if this isn’t a mini mid life crisis or something. I am going to turn 55 this summer and classes will start in the Fall. I’ve got the blessing and buy in from Mrs. Powayslugger so here goes nothing!

So what do you think American Public? Good choice or bad? Leave a yes/no and a comment if you like.


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