Let the Blathering for Votes Begin.


I will hurry home from work in order to listen to this debate. I have my favorites and I hope to see them do well tomorrow night. Who are they? Well it’s not Donald “Divisive” Trump who polls in at #1. I’m interested in what  #3, #5, #7, #8 and #10 have to say. I will be hoping to hear good things from: Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ben Carson and Scott Walker. But if I were going to contribute $$$ to anyone on this stage (which I won’t) it wold be the governor from Ohio, John Kasich. From everything I’ve heard he’s a hard-working, level-headed, straight-shooting Midwesterner who has successfully governed a large state and worked with members of both political parties to get sh*t done. How many years has it been since Congress and the President have been able to work together to accomplish anything significant? I think back to Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil as the last two great leaders who could agree on putting America first. All the others since then… just pretenders who were trying to score points and take credit themselves. Reagan once said:

“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

History showed us that we needed this kind of thinking in the 1980s and we could use a good dose of it again in 2016.


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