Why so Angry?

  • How does one be so angry that they put their party loyalty ahead of the success of their country?
  • Why does a person wish their country to fail?

I understand the sadness of losing an election… but crying, burning down buildings, rioting, threatening to kill others and beating them up? What the f*ck already? Even though I did not vote for President Obama- I didn’t take to the streets and riot when he won election. I accepted it as the will of the country… but these spoiled asz Democrats can’t seem to do that, they MUST have their way. I am sure many would be just fine in just anointing Hillary or letting Obama keep power as a dictator rather than have an elected Trump become president… AND THAT’S A DAMNED SCARY THOUGHT.

Let’s play the donkey’s blame game and you can select some or all of the following:

  • FBI,
  • Comey,
  • Trump was mean,
  • rigged election,
  • deplorable voters,
  • passing out at the 9-11 ceremony
  • Fox news,
  • Fake News
  • alt- right,
  • the Huma and Weiner show
  • Pizzagate scandal (lies – all lies)
  • Breitbart,
  • FBI,
  • Matt Lauer (for asking tough Q’s),
  • Wiki-leaks,
  • Hackers, Russian hackers
  •  Putin himself,
  • angry white males,
  • women who voted against their gender,
  • Big Oil
  • big coal
  • The electoral college (damn you founding fathers!)
  • electoral college voters who wouldn’t cheat and switch their vote
  • ______________________. (for the next excuse to come out of Bill’s mouth)

You notice there is one thing missing: The voters of middle America found Hillary Clinton to be the deplorable one. The folks who’ve been left behind by the great recession. The ones still out of work. The ones who don’t live in the large welfare cities created and nurtured by the Democrats failed war on poverty started by LBJ. The ones who aren’t dependent on big government for handouts, housing and cell phones. The ones who aren’t being sheltered from the law by the deplorable immigration laws of Obama.

To paraphrase what Jack Nicholson’s Joker said in Batman: This country needs a good enema. With Trump we are getting something along those lines. We need to clean up our country and it might be painful. It will be messy- but we’ll feel good at the end. Just have plenty of toilet paper- and maybe an old mop- close at hand.


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