Red Wings—> Dead Wings?

After losing to the Buffalo Sabres by a 4-3 score, the Red Wings officially fell into last place. How sad for this once proud organization. They’ve been aging poorly, with only two key players from the old guard left after Pavel Datsuyk skipped out on the last year of his contract and went home to Mother Russia to finish his career. Herik Zetterberg (surgerized back) and Nik Kronwall (two bad, un-repairable knees) remain.

With a roster populated by overpaid, marginal fourth liners and a head coach who perpetually makes the wrong decisions at the wrong times, this team is in free fall and working hard to earn a lottery pick in the next draft.

ON a team littered with fourth line forwards and third pair defensemen, the coaching decisions and poor line pairings are making it appear that the team is purposely trying to lose games. IMHO it comes down to leadership and discipline, this team lacks both. the Captain lacks enthusiasm and fire. The team comes out flat in the first period nearly every game. The players prefer a perimeter game of pass-pass-pass. No one crashes the net, no one plays anything that resembles tough, north american hockey. They play like scared euro pussies. Defensively it appears they have no plan other than to hustle back, chasing the opposing players who clearly beat them. No offensive plan. Lousy powerplay. Can’t score goals. No energy or enthusiasm.

This team needs an enema. Flush the front office and coaching staff and start unloading those big contracted and worthless players. What the team won’t admit is that it’s been poorly put together and needs to be blown up and rebuilt.



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