Chargers Leaving San Diego?


I’m so over this. Two years of “we might move to LA” talk is driving me crazy. Move already! Last season, before the last few home games, the dipstick owner Dean Spanos threatened to move the team to LA, then reneged on that at the last minute. The city and fans have had their heart strings jerked around for nearly two years. MOVE ALREADY!

The citizens of this fair city voted overwhelmingly to NOT finance a new stadium through a hotel tax. Spanos is such a shipbird that even playing for it through tourist money tasted like rotten cheese in the mouths of me and my fellow San Diegans. Th NFL is even willing to bput up some dough to keep the team in “America’s finest city”… but not Cheapo Deano. The rat bastard Spanos won’t sink a dime of his money into a new stadium but is more than willing to put out crappy teams over that ten years. Smart money would say you try to put a good team that can beat the Cleveland Browns (now 1-14 thank to beating the Chargers last week) during a season when the stadium issue is on the ballot.

It’s frustrating to see such a wealthy man- who has made millions of dollars wit this team- refusing to put up some of his own $$$ to build a 2 billion dollar stadium/convention complex. Well the city doesn’t need a cheapskate, rat bastard like that. Take your team to LA Dean Spanos and pay that big, fat relocation fee.  I hope you lose the rest of your family fortune and choke on your failure. MOVE ALREADY!!!

Good bye and good riddance.


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