New Year Resolutions…Anyone,Anyone?


A good idea in theory, but we often make promises to ourselves in haste and stay focused for a few days before we fall back into our usual rut and forget those goals and changes we wanted to make only a few days before.

Goal setting is important to focus your efforts on achieving successes that will make our lives better. But should we be laying it all on the line on January 1 for the entire world to see?

Perhaps a better idea would be to ponder your goals for the next week or so and when the resolution dust settles and friends and family have already been crushed by breaking theirs, you (and me) can lay out a simple set of 4-5 goals that can be attacked and achieved over the first three months of the new year.

So for the next few days i am going to set aside some “Alone” time to map out what I’d like my 2017 to look like and break it down into small bites that can be systematically accomplished in three month increments over the next year.



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