Classes coming to an end

The term of three English classes is nearly over. I have spent the past fifteen weeks reading waaaay too many of the classics in British Literature 2 and American Literature 1. I’ve been writing 1,000 word critical essays every week for Brit Lit and just completed a twelve page research paper for American Lit. Coupled with a grammar and composition class there’s been plenty of reading and writing over the semester. I will be glad to begin breathing again when it’s all over. Just two more weeks!


New Year Resolutions…Anyone,Anyone?


A good idea in theory, but we often make promises to ourselves in haste and stay focused for a few days before we fall back into our usual rut and forget those goals and changes we wanted to make only a few days before.

Goal setting is important to focus your efforts on achieving successes that will make our lives better. But should we be laying it all on the line on January 1 for the entire world to see?

Perhaps a better idea would be to ponder your goals for the next week or so and when the resolution dust settles and friends and family have already been crushed by breaking theirs, you (and me) can lay out a simple set of 4-5 goals that can be attacked and achieved over the first three months of the new year.

So for the next few days i am going to set aside some “Alone” time to map out what I’d like my 2017 to look like and break it down into small bites that can be systematically accomplished in three month increments over the next year.


Chargers Leaving San Diego?


I’m so over this. Two years of “we might move to LA” talk is driving me crazy. Move already! Last season, before the last few home games, the dipstick owner Dean Spanos threatened to move the team to LA, then reneged on that at the last minute. The city and fans have had their heart strings jerked around for nearly two years. MOVE ALREADY!

The citizens of this fair city voted overwhelmingly to NOT finance a new stadium through a hotel tax. Spanos is such a shipbird that even playing for it through tourist money tasted like rotten cheese in the mouths of me and my fellow San Diegans. Th NFL is even willing to bput up some dough to keep the team in “America’s finest city”… but not Cheapo Deano. The rat bastard Spanos won’t sink a dime of his money into a new stadium but is more than willing to put out crappy teams over that ten years. Smart money would say you try to put a good team that can beat the Cleveland Browns (now 1-14 thank to beating the Chargers last week) during a season when the stadium issue is on the ballot.

It’s frustrating to see such a wealthy man- who has made millions of dollars wit this team- refusing to put up some of his own $$$ to build a 2 billion dollar stadium/convention complex. Well the city doesn’t need a cheapskate, rat bastard like that. Take your team to LA Dean Spanos and pay that big, fat relocation fee.  I hope you lose the rest of your family fortune and choke on your failure. MOVE ALREADY!!!

Good bye and good riddance.

Red Wings—> Dead Wings?

After losing to the Buffalo Sabres by a 4-3 score, the Red Wings officially fell into last place. How sad for this once proud organization. They’ve been aging poorly, with only two key players from the old guard left after Pavel Datsuyk skipped out on the last year of his contract and went home to Mother Russia to finish his career. Herik Zetterberg (surgerized back) and Nik Kronwall (two bad, un-repairable knees) remain.

With a roster populated by overpaid, marginal fourth liners and a head coach who perpetually makes the wrong decisions at the wrong times, this team is in free fall and working hard to earn a lottery pick in the next draft.

ON a team littered with fourth line forwards and third pair defensemen, the coaching decisions and poor line pairings are making it appear that the team is purposely trying to lose games. IMHO it comes down to leadership and discipline, this team lacks both. the Captain lacks enthusiasm and fire. The team comes out flat in the first period nearly every game. The players prefer a perimeter game of pass-pass-pass. No one crashes the net, no one plays anything that resembles tough, north american hockey. They play like scared euro pussies. Defensively it appears they have no plan other than to hustle back, chasing the opposing players who clearly beat them. No offensive plan. Lousy powerplay. Can’t score goals. No energy or enthusiasm.

This team needs an enema. Flush the front office and coaching staff and start unloading those big contracted and worthless players. What the team won’t admit is that it’s been poorly put together and needs to be blown up and rebuilt.


Why so Angry?

  • How does one be so angry that they put their party loyalty ahead of the success of their country?
  • Why does a person wish their country to fail?

I understand the sadness of losing an election… but crying, burning down buildings, rioting, threatening to kill others and beating them up? What the f*ck already? Even though I did not vote for President Obama- I didn’t take to the streets and riot when he won election. I accepted it as the will of the country… but these spoiled asz Democrats can’t seem to do that, they MUST have their way. I am sure many would be just fine in just anointing Hillary or letting Obama keep power as a dictator rather than have an elected Trump become president… AND THAT’S A DAMNED SCARY THOUGHT.

Let’s play the donkey’s blame game and you can select some or all of the following:

  • FBI,
  • Comey,
  • Trump was mean,
  • rigged election,
  • deplorable voters,
  • passing out at the 9-11 ceremony
  • Fox news,
  • Fake News
  • alt- right,
  • the Huma and Weiner show
  • Pizzagate scandal (lies – all lies)
  • Breitbart,
  • FBI,
  • Matt Lauer (for asking tough Q’s),
  • Wiki-leaks,
  • Hackers, Russian hackers
  •  Putin himself,
  • angry white males,
  • women who voted against their gender,
  • Big Oil
  • big coal
  • The electoral college (damn you founding fathers!)
  • electoral college voters who wouldn’t cheat and switch their vote
  • ______________________. (for the next excuse to come out of Bill’s mouth)

You notice there is one thing missing: The voters of middle America found Hillary Clinton to be the deplorable one. The folks who’ve been left behind by the great recession. The ones still out of work. The ones who don’t live in the large welfare cities created and nurtured by the Democrats failed war on poverty started by LBJ. The ones who aren’t dependent on big government for handouts, housing and cell phones. The ones who aren’t being sheltered from the law by the deplorable immigration laws of Obama.

To paraphrase what Jack Nicholson’s Joker said in Batman: This country needs a good enema. With Trump we are getting something along those lines. We need to clean up our country and it might be painful. It will be messy- but we’ll feel good at the end. Just have plenty of toilet paper- and maybe an old mop- close at hand.

I am sickened…

by the whole damn election. What is going on behind the scenes in our country? If all this election crap is the distraction… what’s the end game of all this? Obama declaring martial law? FEMA camps? Planet X? Second coming of Christ? One world government? Pole shifting?

Something is in the air… and it isn’t the Hillary/ Donald show we are being forced to watch.

Life in the Slow Lane

I’ve begun to look at life a little differently and didn’t even know it was happening. I’m no longer in the rush, rush, rush frame of mind. I’m taking some classes at the local Junior college. This is my third semester and for the first time in my academic career, I am not worried about my grades. Yeah it took awhile to admit to myself that I no longer need to be the top dog. A few quizzes and I realized it just doesn’t matter anymore.

I feel a little liberated in that thinking- yet a little scared as well. Does it mean I am losing my zest for life? Is the fire going out? Hmmmm. Now that is the next thing I’ll be pondering.